About us
HiveGuard is a startup founded in the entrepreneurial education path of the University of Cagliari, the Clab.

The startup specializes in providing highly innovative tools and technologies to support beekeepers.

Beekeepers are assisted in daily activities related to the care of bees, monitoring and maintenance of hives in order to specialize the labor of seasonal workers who assist them.



Current beekeeping techniques are very stressful for bees, leading to deaths and depopulation of hives.

HiveGuard offers a tool composed of a camera and an image recognition algorithm, so that the monitoring of the apiary is simplified.

The beekeepers are warned of the problems of the hive through a dedicated application.


Daniele Melis


Industrial designer engineer

Sara Sulis


Software developer

Lorenzo Atzeri


Software developer

HiveGuard operates in the field of technology applied to the beekeeping sector with great dedication and passion. The professional and personal experience acquired by individual members has consolidated the existing multidisciplinary approach in the field of products and services offered in the field of applied technologies, A.I., agro-food.

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HiveGuard helps beekeepers to prevent swarming and detect the plague

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